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Hi! I'm James Pask and I'm really pleased that you've decided to take a look at my website. Here you'll samples of my work. If you like any of my designs, please feel free to contact me and ask me to design something for you.

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @JamesPaskUK or via the contact form below.

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The Yorishiro Project

This was my first full project to create an eCommerce website and logo for a photography business called

The homepage of
The inspiration for the logo.
The Yorishiro logo in SVG format.

A colour pallette was proposed but it was decided that the red/orange on the original block should be used.

Proposed but rejected colour scheme.
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The Project

I needed a logo for myself to launch my web design concept. I wanted something that represented me whilst being formed from my initials. I wanted something fairly friendly so tried messing around with various fonts to see what I could come up with. I accidentally created this:

An accidental concept saw an abstract JP as a face – the dot on the top of the J forming an eye.

The black of the ‘P’ looked a bit stark to me so I decided to tone it down a little and switch to a grey colour instead.

Slightly muted ‘P’ on the logo

I toyed with the idea of merging the words ‘James’ and ‘Design’ together and considered that an apostrophe could be a ‘wink’. I also wanted a sort of ‘amazed’ feel. In that JamesPask design was amazing… clearly it didn’t work:

I’ll be ‘Jam’d’ – err.. no!

Jam’d wasn’t going to work but JamesPask Website Design was a bit too much of a mouthful. Clearly I needed something in between that also didn’t just concentrate on Website design as I wanted to design logos and other graphics too.

Revised colour pallette with ‘design’ added

It seemed that JP Design would be a sensible choice. This worked nicely in greyscale and also black and white.

Close Project

The BOYFresh Media Project

In 2013 the client who I’d created the Boy-Fresh logo for, approached me again as he was considering re-branding slightly to BOYfresh and adding the word ‘Media’ to the end of his logo.

I liked the previous ‘hacked’ letters from the first logo so decided to go down that route again and have some fun with the negative spaces that created the characters.

The basic ‘BOY’ characters

The client liked the original colour pallette but I wanted to warm them up a little as I felt they were too stark and zingy. Here’s what I revised them to.

Yellow #F1C40F
Red #E74C3C
Blue #3498DB

I played around a bit with the positioning of the words ‘Fresh’ and ‘Media’ but ‘Media’ was then scrapped from the final design.

I brought back the original ‘Fresh’ from the 2012 logo just to see how it would blend in but the client didn’t like it.

The final accepted logo was reverted back to BOYFRESH.

The final accepted design.
Close Project

The Personal Brand Project

This was a simple brief for my own initials. I wanted to carve out a new career for myself in design and thought that the J and P fitted nicely together with a stamp design.

The raw outline of the JP

As a child I always enjoyed playing with a puzzle game called Tangram. It is an old Chinese wooden puzzle game where 7 shapes fit together to make various shapes and outlines.

I started off by filling in the pieces and added a circle around it. For some reason I chose purple as the design colour but a quick search for colour psychology suggests that maybe this wasn’t a good choice as it is often used for confectionary and educational purposes!

I felt that the purple was a bit too harsh and also the edges were very straight so I softened them with a crayon effect and added in a cream background. The outline was in a dark green with the circle being a lighter shade of green.

Close Project

The Up2 Project

The Up2 project revolved around upcycling products. The two represents the original item that was recycled and became the second item.

First prototypes

The grey colour was chosen to represent a charred tree based upon burnt wood at the Eden Project in Cornwall. New life being energised from burnt wood thought to be of no use.

The inspiration for the grey colour used in the first prototype

Earthy colours were considered. One representing earth, the second grass and the third, sky. The client chose the sky colour for the finished logo.

Earth, Grass and Sky colours were considered
2Up Logo Accepted
The final logo which was chosen.

Close Project

The Akabakeneko Project

Akabakeneko (Red Monster Cat) was a creative writing site for my partner. He wanted something that was laid back and a little bit cheeky whilst still being confrontational.

The first Akabakeneko logo design

The second version used a solid cat without the squiggles.

Version 2
Close Project

The Boy-Fresh Project

The client wanted a fresh, photographic feel to their logo but also wanted something fairly straightforward. The inspiration for this logo was based on the CMYK colour model and the BBC’s ‘Top Of The Pops’ shows 1998 logo.

The Top Of The Pops logo used in 1998.

I also wanted to represent stacked photos but wanted to keep it simple so I just layered the blocks.

Photo by Nitish Meena on Unsplash
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