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Hi! I'm James Pask and I'm really pleased that you've decided to take a look at my website. Here you'll samples of my work. If you like any of my designs, please feel free to contact me and ask me to design something for you.

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @JamesPaskUK or via the contact form below.

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The Personal Brand Project

This was a simple brief for my own initials. I wanted to carve out a new career for myself in design and thought that the J and P fitted nicely together with a stamp design.

The raw outline of the JP

As a child I always enjoyed playing with a puzzle game called Tangram. It is an old Chinese wooden puzzle game where 7 shapes fit together to make various shapes and outlines.

I started off by filling in the pieces and added a circle around it. For some reason I chose purple as the design colour but a quick search for colour psychology suggests that maybe this wasn’t a good choice as it is often used for confectionary and educational purposes!

I felt that the purple was a bit too harsh and also the edges were very straight so I softened them with a crayon effect and added in a cream background. The outline was in a dark green with the circle being a lighter shade of green.

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