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Hi! I'm James Pask and I'm really pleased that you've decided to take a look at my website. Here you'll samples of my work. If you like any of my designs, please feel free to contact me and ask me to design something for you.

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @JamesPaskUK or via the contact form below.

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The BOYFresh Media Project

In 2013 the client who I’d created the Boy-Fresh logo for, approached me again as he was considering re-branding slightly to BOYfresh and adding the word ‘Media’ to the end of his logo.

I liked the previous ‘hacked’ letters from the first logo so decided to go down that route again and have some fun with the negative spaces that created the characters.

The basic ‘BOY’ characters

The client liked the original colour pallette but I wanted to warm them up a little as I felt they were too stark and zingy. Here’s what I revised them to.

Yellow #F1C40F
Red #E74C3C
Blue #3498DB

I played around a bit with the positioning of the words ‘Fresh’ and ‘Media’ but ‘Media’ was then scrapped from the final design.

I brought back the original ‘Fresh’ from the 2012 logo just to see how it would blend in but the client didn’t like it.

The final accepted logo was reverted back to BOYFRESH.

The final accepted design.
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